The teacher of the year
This film is an editorial project for a «The teacher of the year» competition, telling a story about a kindergarten teacher. This woman dedicated her whole life to kids, whom she really loves. She treats each of her students as their own kids. This is what makes her happy. And kids love her back with all of their hearts.

Once I spoke to her about the kids, who grew up and drifted away, and she had tears of sadness in her eyes but she was also very proud of them growing up.
This film shows her as she is. Mature and loving. Proud and sad when kids are leaving. You can feel so much love through her stories. The colors in this film are introduced with the appearance of the kids.

Since the film was produced for a competition, it had to follow certain guidelines regarding the content and format. The list of awards and official job title of the teacher were included as part of those guidelines, together with a background voice over narration.
Full version of «The teacher of the year» can be seen below.
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