I am a Contemporary Artist and Film Director, who loves to explore themes of psychology and interpersonal relationships. My goal is to challenge viewers to reflect on their inner world and explore one’s emotions, feelings, memories, fears and insecurities.

I studied directing and editing under the guidance of Sergei Ivanov, who regularly collaborates with Alexander Sokurov, in Moscow School of New Cinema. I often drive inspiration from the everyday life and like to put surrealist twists onto the mundane. My diverse intellectual background in both contemporary art, mathematics and psychology helps me to shape my own, unique style of filmmaking.

My video-art and art-installations have been widely seen at exhibitions in Russia, while my movies were viewed, nominated and awarded in numerous festivals all across the world.

2021 – 2022 British Higher School of Design, Contemporary art
2022 British Higher School of Design, «Trends, partnerships, strategies in art and culture»
2020 – 2022 MSNC, Film Editor, Sergey Ivanov’s graduating class
2020 – 2021 MSNC, Film Director, Dmitry Mamuliya’s graduating class
2019 Benefis, Acting classes
Other Education
2019 – 2021 HSE, Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Master Degree
2010 – 2014 HSE, Mathematics, Bachelor Degree
2010 Mathematics Lyceum «The second school», School Education
Additional Information
2023 Guest lecturer at Acting School «New roles», Belgrade
2019 – 2023 Psychologist consultant in «Center of psychological consultation»
2017 – 2023 Project Manager in IT company
2014 – 2017 System Analysist in IT company
2011 – 2012 Teaching Olympic mathematics to students in a private school «Mumiy Troll»
2009 – 2020 Mathematics tutor
2009 Part of a national team in intellectual games - mathematics
2000 – 2010 Annual participant and a winner of many intellectual tournaments in mathematics
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