Dear friends, due to the tragic events of May 3, 2023 and national mourning in Serbia, the opening of the exhibition has been postponed to May 8, 2023.

Please check our website for schedule changes.
07-13 of May, 2023. Belgrade, Magacin Ostavinska
The Skin of Time
The world is entering an era of great change. These upheavals cannot but be reflected in culture. Just as a person cannot exist in isolation from society, culture cannot claim its completeness if it closes itself off and ceases to reflect reality.
Some of these changes are obvious, while others are almost imperceptible. Erich Maria Remarque once wrote that everything looks the same as before, but it feels like everything is no longer the same. But what exactly has changed? And what has not? What can be seen, and what can only be felt with the skin?

The contemporary art exhibition "The Skin of Time" is dedicated precisely to these changes. The exhibition features works by modern artists from Moscow and Belgrade, reflecting their view on the changes and their experience of adapting to them.

One of the exhibition's goals is to promote cultural rapprochement and mutual penetration. Just as an individual cannot exist without communication with other people, culture cannot exist in isolation from other material and spiritual achievements of other nations.

Belgrade is the best proof of this. It is a real cultural crossroads. For centuries, all sorts of people have come here, enriching each other with the values and traditions of their nations. But these values did not always coincide. And the city has become a symbol not only of synthesis but also of the cultural conflict.

Traditions never arise out of nowhere. The culture of the people is formed under the influence of many factors - from geographical to religious and political ones. It is not surprising that interaction of peoples always faces the problem of perceiving other cultures.

Therefore, it is not enough to simply show interest in other cultures - it is necessary to take into account the conformity or nonconformity of spiritual, ethical, and aesthetic coordinates. This will determine how the perception of another culture will be - whether it will be assimilation, complementarity, or rejection.

And now, as Belgrade becomes once again a point of attraction and collision of cultures, it is important not to repeat the mistakes of the past. After all, today culture is playing an even more important role in society, trying to protect it from destructive centrifugal forces.

By incorporating our historical past and present reality into the general context of global development processes, we give a unique character and multiple variations to the ethno-cultural image not only of a particular society, but of the world as a whole.

"The Skin of Time" is not just an exhibition of works of art. It is an opportunity to reflect on our place in a rapidly changing world and how we can preserve cultural heritage and pass it on to future generations. It is an opportunity to better understand the world in which we live.
The arts, installations, compositions and lectures of these participants will be presented at the exhibition "The Skin of Time". Participants can be contacted via the contact link below.
Event Participants
We express special thanks to the invited specialists who participated in exhibition events.
  • Angelina Gribachevskaya
    Violin Performer, Belgrade
  • Anna Genba
    Art Historian, Belgrade
  • Nu Simakina
    Perfomance, Belgrade
  • Segrei Khramtcevich
    Baritone, alto, soprano saxophones performer, Belgrade
  • Svetlana Fairy
    Performer & photographer, Belgrade
We would like to introduce you to the individuals who have made this exhibition possible.
  • Julia Shlenskaya
    Art Producer and Curator
    The product owner
  • Axinya R
    Curator Assistant
    Curator assistant, Moscow
Exhibition program
We will start: 8 of May at 19:00
We will finish: 13 of May at 19:00
Opening time: 12:00 - 22:00

*Visiting the exhibition and any events during the exhibition for donations.
8 of May
Exhibition opening
Opening speech: Julia Shlenskaya & Anna Genba
Music, champagne

9 of May
The Skin of Time
Exhibition tour with Art Mediator Anna Genba

Violin & Poetry
Recital of musician and poet Angelina Gribachevskaya
10 of May
Artist's hours
with Contemporary Artist Ilmar

Marble & Wax
Lecture on the history and theory of art by Anna Genba
11 of May
Harp Concert
12th - 17th century European music with commentary of performer Svetlana Fairy

Vocal Performance
By Nu Simakina
12 of May
Recital of musician Segrei Khramtcevich
13 of May
The Skin of Time
Exhibition tour with Art Mediator Anna Genba

Exhibition closing
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