Freudian attempt to respond to internal emotions and existential questions through dreaming, relying on hearing, visuals and feelings. Everything seems to be so familiar: the cityscape, the street, the church, the music... everything is so real, but changed through the prism of the subconscious. Taking this journey will give our character a chance to answer his questions.
Director Statement
«Silence» is an experimental video art that uses visual effects to explore a dreamlike state of mind. Very torn, carefully selected images quickly changing from frame to frame throw us back to mingled sensations, which form the basis of our dreams. As Sigmund Freud said dreams are the images of our soul and desires. It is a compromise between the need for sleep and unconscious desires that seek to disturb it. Hallucinatory fulfillment of desires the function of which is to protect sleep. The color choices, intensity, specific camera reference this hallucinatory experience and attempt to plunge viewers into a trance unconscious state to make it more conscious and tangible.

This film is an attempt to capture reality when it's direct interpretations are not possible. Evoking trance and frustration, «Silence» suggests to focus on feelings, not eyes, same as you do while dreaming, during the mind games.

«Silence» reflects on the sensual part of the human soul. As it is not always possible to rely only on the rational part of the story, sometimes the answers and foundations lie precisely in the unconscious sensual part, which is what this project suggests to think about. The film uses an experimental visual language to illustrate the mental state of unconsciousness and try to immerse viewers in a dreamlike state of mind.
Festivals Awards


«Swedish International Film Festival» (Sweden),

«Beyond the Curve International Film Festival» (Paris, France),

«Port Blair International Film Festival» (Port Blair, India);

Official Selection

«Art Experimental Screenings Film Festival Fresh Stream» (Tbilisi, Georgia),

«Screen Culture International Film Festival» (London, UK),

«Monthly Indie Shorts» (India),

«First-Time Filmmaker Online Sessions» (UK).

«Silence» was made in 2021.
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