A loving guy takes his girlfriend to a mystic to help her find answers to questions of whom she is destined to be and become in this life.
Director Statement
«Providence» is a film that humorously explores existential questions including «who am I,» «why am I here,» «what's my purpose,» and «how can I find the answers.» It also delves into the matters of «how can I help others,» and where the boundaries lie in providing this help. The film masterfully balances between clear and blurry camera work, creating an atmosphere suitable for its content – an atmosphere of fantasy and the attempt to blur the lines between the illusionary and real world.

In a way, «Providence» serves as a self-guided psychological session where a person dives into an ambiguous world in the quest for answers. Sometimes, there's someone nearby who sees the struggles of choice and yearns to lend a hand. At times, there's an urge to shift the responsibility of finding the answers onto them, as seeking the truth independently may prove to be difficult and time-consuming. Not always are there inner landmarks or signs to rely on in the search for answers, and then the desire arises to seek signs externally.

The primary goal of this film is to provoke contemplation about questions that, in one way or another, cross the minds of people at different ages. Who are you really? How will you seek the answer to this question? How will you decide to adjust the course of your life?

The film encourages the viewer to ponder these questions. A significant emphasis is placed on the sound aspect of the film, as sometimes, certain questions and answers need to be voiced to make them more tangible and understandable.

Festivals Awards


«4th Dimension Independent Film Festival» (Bali, Indonesia),

«Swedish International Film Festival» (Sweden),

«The Jane Austen International Film Festival» (Bath, UK),

«Port Blair International Film Festival» (Port Blair, India),

«Monthly Indie Shorts» (India);

Semi-Finalist - «Wallachia Int'l Film Festival» (Bucharest, Romania),

Nominee - «Beyond the Curve International Film Festival» (Paris, France);

Special mention - «2022 United Kingdom Student Film Festival» (London, UK);

Official Selection

«London Lift-Off Film Festival» (London, UK),

«Ostia International Film Festival» (Roma, Italy),

«The Santa Clarita International Film Festival» (California, USA),

«Austin Micro Film Festival» (Austin, Texas, USA),

«Oregon Short Film Festival» (Portland, USA),

«Short Shot Fest» (Moscow, Russia),

«Kolkata International Micro Film Festival» (West Bengal, India),

«First-Time Filmmaker Online Sessions» (London, UK).


Interview with Julia Shlenskaya, director of ‘Providence’ at Swedish International Film Festival

Review with Julia Shlenskaya, director of ‘Providence’ at Swedish International Film Festival

«Providence» was made in 2021.
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