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Director and visual artist portfolio
I am a conceptual artist in contemporary art and a film director, dedicated to exploring the themes of psychology and interpersonal relationships.
My knowledge in contemporary art was cultivated at the British Higher School of Design under the guidance of Mikhail Levin. Inspiration often arises from everyday life, infusing the ordinary with a surrealistic touch. My diverse intellectual background in contemporary art, mathematics, and psychology contributes to shaping a unique style in conceptual and contemporary art.
Studying directing and editing under the mentorship of Sergei Ivanov, a collaborator with Alexander Sokurov, at the Moscow School of New Cinema, has significantly enriched my artistic journey. This experience has added depth to my exploration of the human psyche and storytelling in both conceptual art and filmmaking.
My video art and art installations, including large-scale works, have gained recognition at exhibitions in Russia and Serbia. Furthermore, my original conceptual films, influenced by my cinematic education, are showcased at festivals worldwide, demonstrating their distinctiveness and impact. Working across various mediums, including authorial cinema, video art, and installations, I aim to push the boundaries of expression in art.
2023 – 2024 HSE, Product Development and Portfolio Management, Qualification Enhancement
2021 – 2022 British Higher School of Design, Contemporary art
2022 British Higher School of Design, «Trends, partnerships, strategies in art and culture»
2020 – 2022 MSNC, Film Editor, Sergey Ivanov’s graduating class
2020 – 2021 MSNC, Film Director, Dmitry Mamuliya’s graduating class
2019 Benefis, Acting classes
Other Education

2019 – 2021 HSE, Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Master Degree
2010 – 2014 HSE, Mathematics, Bachelor Degree
2010 Mathematics Lyceum «The second school», School Education
Additional Information
2019 – 2024 Psychotherapist
2017 – 2024 Project and Program Manager in IT company
2023 Guest lecturer at Acting School «New roles», Belgrade
2014 – 2017 System Analysist in IT company
2011 – 2012 Teaching Olympic mathematics to students in a private school «Mumiy Troll»
2009 – 2020 Mathematics tutor
2009 Part of a national team in intellectual games - mathematics
2000 – 2010 Annual participant and a winner of many intellectual tournaments in mathematics
Once upon in February
This micro short film is about the feelings and emotions which occurred after February 24th 2022, from the perspective of a person who lives in Russia. Film took part in the more than ten festivals, won ,
«London Rocks International Film Festiva
and «Cannes World Art Festival».
Inscrutable ways
​​​​​​​Inscrutable ways is a video art in the format of a quadriptych, studying of reflection of people over various experiences, such as love, friendship, difficult childhood, betrayal. Each video fragment reflects the character’s emotional state. The work was showcased at the «U Contemporary» in Winzavod in Moscow (Russia) in 2022 and at the «KC Magacin Ostavinska» in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2023.
The family portrait
Two sisters Nastya and Natasha live separately from their mother. The relationship between the sisters is tense. In one next tense evening, Nastya receives a message that becomes the last drop of tension, after which the internal protective reactions of the psyche to what is happening cannot be stopped. Film took part in the more than ten festivals, won ,
«Swedish International Film Festival».

Freudian attempt to respond to internal emotions and existential questions through dreaming, relying on hearing, visuals and feelings. Everything seems to be so familiar, but changed through the prism of the subconscious. Film took part in a lot of festivals, winner of the «Swedish International Film Festival», «Beyond the Curve International Film Festival» (Paris, France)

A mystic and humorous journey to find an answers of the most tough and important life questions: «Why am I here,» «What's my purpose,» and «How can I find the answers». Film was a particepant of many festivals and won «The Jane Austen International Film Festival» (Bath, UK) and «4th Dimension Independent Film Festival» (Bali, Indonesia).

«Luby» is a mix-media installation, which is dedicated to the study of the feeling of love and all its manifestations through the metaphor of the interaction of the body with plastic wax which. Installation was created in collaboration with a contemporary artist Anna Koroleva for an exhibition in Cube gallery, Moscow, Russia in 2022. Also it was presented at the «KC Magacin Ostavinska» in Belgrade, Serbia in 2023.
«My mother was telling me quietly» is a documentary about a young man, who loves his Russian, patriotic car, stand-up performances and friends. He is successful in some things but others don't go well for him. Extraordinary story about the ordinary human.
The teacher of the year
«The teacher of the year» telling a story about a kindergarten teacher. This woman dedicated her whole life to kids, whom she really loves. She treats each of her students as their own kids. This is what makes her happy. And kids love her back with all of their hearts.
video-clip «bohemian life»
Produced by Vanya Limb, directed by Laura Moreva, edited by Julia Shlenskaya
film «happy to you, human»
Directed by Irina Mandrikina, First AD by Julia Shlenskaya
Film «obsessio»
Directed by Rina Golubeva, First AD by Julia Shlenskaya
«The family portriat»
Interview with Julia Shlenskaya, director of ‘The family portrait' at Swedish International Film Festival
Review with Julia Shlenskaya, director of ‘The family portrait' at Swedish International Film Festival
Interview with Julia Shlenskaya, director of ‘Providence’ at Swedish International Film Festival
Review with Julia Shlenskaya, director of ‘Providence’ at Swedish International Film Festival

«Once upon in February»
Interview with Julia Shlenskaya, director of ‘Once Upon a February’ at Rocks Festivals Blog
Interview with Julia Shlenskaya, director of ‘Once Upon a February’ at Film Festival Circuit TV

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