Once upon a February
This micro short film is about the feelings and emotions which occurred after February 24th 2022, from the perspective of a person who lives in Russia.
Director Statement
«Once Upon a February» is a surreal drama about a person who was born in Russia in the 90s. The film tells about his feelings that appeared in February 2022. Incomprehension of how it is possible to go to war against own brothers in the 21st century. The inability to believe that this is our current reality, to realize fear for the future, fear for loved ones, powerlessness to do something and change anything.

The feeling of a small and insignificant person, for whom the “adults” decided everything and made him a contributor of this event. Mental impossibility to be inside the aggressor country (in “your family”) so strong, that slowly drive the main character insane.

The main purpose of this film is to start discussion about things which are not spoken about in Russia. The film uses surreal language, the only language that can even partially illustrate a overwhelming range of feelings that are forbidden to talk and express in words.
Festivals Awards


«Port Blair International Film Festival» (Port Blair, India),

«London Rocks International Film Festival» (London, UK),

«International Cultural Artifact Film Festival» (Pune, India),

«Cannes World Art Festival»;


«Spark Micro-Short Film Festival» (Buffalo, USA),

«Austin Micro Film Festival» (Austin, Texas, USA),

«Oregon Short Film Festival» (Portland, USA);


«San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival» (San Francisco, USA),

«Serbest International Film Festival (Kishinev, Moldova);


«Swedish International Film Festival» (Sweden),

«Beyond the Curve International Film Festival» (Paris, France);

Official Selection

«Ostia International Film Festival» (Roma, Italy),

«Purple Sky International Film Festival» (Hamburg, Germany),

«The Jane Austen International Film Festival» (Bath, UK),

«Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema» (California, USA),

«Brighton Rocks International Film Festival» (Brighton, UK),

«Metropolis Film Festival» (Milano, Italy),

«Short Shot Fest» (Moscow, Russia),

«London Lift-Off Film Festival» (London, UK),

«Muscatine Music & Independent Film Festival» (Iowa, USA),

«Big Teeth Small Shorts Film Festival» (Chicago, USA),

«Scotland International Festival of Cinema» (Scotland, UK).


Interview with Julia Shlenskaya, director of ‘Once Upon a February’ at Rocks Festivals Blog

Interview with Julia Shlenskaya, director of ‘Once Upon a February’ at Film Festival Circuit TV
«Once upon a February» was made in 2022.
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