My mother was telling me quietly
«My mother was telling me quietly» is a documentary about a young man, who loves his Russian, patriotic car, stand-up performances and friends, whom he meets in a bar. He has a very old grandmother who is nevertheless very lively. This can be called his “homeland”, “home”, his “basis”.

This is a story about a person who is successful in some things but other things don't go well for him. Sometimes his life is great, sometimes it is just fine but other days it is dreadful. The life goes on and this person can be anyone, including the viewer.

The title is a reference to a song about a mother, who is a metaphoric symbol for motherland. This song is about intrinsic connections that each person has with their surroundings and loved ones, which make them who they are. When a person is lost, he looks for answers in a familiar, in native, in a “basis”.

So in this film the person is lost, but he is alive.

The main purpose of this film is to reflect on the connection that happens between us and our “familiar” things. What is it for you? Is it the environment? Friends? Family? Or maybe daily routines? Like looking after your grandmother or going to a bar? Or maybe it is your place of birth or an apartment, a room, a photograph, a note? «My mother was telling me quietly» uses documentary language to show life as a familiar “reality”, show it as it is.
«My mother was telling me quietly» was made in 2020.
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