«Luby» is a mix-media installation, which was created in collaboration with a contemporary artist Anna Koroleva for an exhibition in Cube gallery, Moscow, Russia in 2022. Also it was presented at the «KC Magacin Ostavinska» in Belgrade, Serbia in 2023. This project consists of a video-art performance and sculptures, created by Anna. My role was to direct and produce an installation that would enhance visual experience and support the main idea through the video means.

This project is a study of human experience of love in its various forms. Passion, tenderness and goodness are three highlighted sensations, which are experienced and expressed through the performative practice of melting wax by human body. The result is a series of sculptures and a video-art that focuses on emotional and physical states during the performance.

The choice of wax is a reference to Ancient Rus' people's belief that wax is capable of cleansing spaces from negative energy, removing damage and jinx's, attracting prosperity and love. It was also widely used in various rituals. «Luby» adopts this belief to modern problems and realities. It attempts to consider love as a physical space that you can enter to close yourself from external negativity.

In search for light and love, it is particularly important to turn your attention inward.
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