Inscrutable ways
​​​​​​​Inscrutable ways is a video art in the format of a quadriptych, which was showcased at the «U Contemporary» in Winzavod in Moscow (Russia) in 2022 and at the «KC Magacin Ostavinska» in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2023.
Director Statement

This art is dedicated to the idea that every person goes through a journey of internal and external changes between birth and death. This journey includes experiences such as early childhood, socialization within the family, school, university, and work. Throughout this journey, people encounter various relationships such as friendships, love, and betrayal, THIS ALL leave a trace on them.

The artwork reflects the emotions of four individuals:

● Melancholy,

● Falling in love and experiencing rejection,

● Resentment stemming from an unsuccessful childhood experience,

● Anger directed towards oneself and one's life.

Each person was asked to select videos that represent their unique life experiences.

The resulting video art encourages viewers to explore their own emotions and life experiences, prompting them to consider the connection between psychological and physical states. The artwork invites viewers to imagine what their emotions would look like if they had a physical manifestation.

This project was very well received by the public and critics during the opening of the exhibition. Full version of «Inscrutable ways» can be seen below.
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