conceptual art, documentary art, visual art, sculpture, video art, installation
By curator Julia Shlenskaya
Exhibition Ferst
«The Skin of Time»
International exhibition of contemporary art of Serbian and Russian artists. More than 7 authors. 07-13 of May. 2023. Culture center Magacin OSTAVINSKA, Belgrade.
Here is a list of our artists from different cities in Russia and Serbia.
  • Anastasia Ryzhikova
    Contemporary Artist, Moscow
  • Anna Koroleva
    Contemporary Artist, Moscow
  • Ilmar
    Contemporary Artist, Belgrade
  • Julia Shlenskaya
    Art Producer and Conceptual Artist, Belgrade
  • Marija Djuricic
    Contemporary Artist, Belgrade
  • Pavel Astrakhov
    Contemporary Artist, Belgrade
  • Sofija Milovanović
    Contemporary Artist, Belgrade

We express special thanks to the invited specialists who participated in organizing the exhibition and working on the online-catalog.
  • Julia Shlenskaya
    Art Producer
    Art Producer, Curator, Conceptual Artist, Belgrade
  • Anna Genba
    Invited participant: Art Mediator
    Art Historian, Art Mediator, Belgrade

Exhibition concept

Some of these changes are obvious, while others are almost imperceptible. Erich Maria Remarque once wrote that everything looks the same as before, but it feels like everything is no longer the same. But what exactly has changed? And what has not? What can be seen, and what can only be felt with the skin?

The contemporary art exhibition "The Skin of Time" is dedicated precisely to these changes. The exhibition features works by modern artists from Moscow and Belgrade, reflecting their view on the changes and their experience of adapting to them.

One of the exhibition's goals is to promote cultural rapprochement and mutual penetration. Just as an individual cannot exist without communication with other people, culture cannot exist in isolation from other material and spiritual achievements of other nations.

Belgrade is the best proof of this. It is a real cultural crossroads. For centuries, all sorts of people have come here, enriching each other with the values and traditions of their nations. But these values did not always coincide. And the city has become a symbol not only of synthesis but also of the cultural conflict.

Traditions never arise out of nowhere. The culture of the people is formed under the influence of many factors - from geographical to religious and political ones. It is not surprising that interaction of peoples always faces the problem of perceiving other cultures.

Therefore, it is not enough to simply show interest in other cultures - it is necessary to take into account the conformity or nonconformity of spiritual, ethical, and aesthetic coordinates. This will determine how the perception of another culture will be - whether it will be assimilation, complementarity, or rejection.

And now, as Belgrade becomes once again a point of attraction and collision of cultures, it is important not to repeat the mistakes of the past. After all, today culture is playing an even more important role in society, trying to protect it from destructive centrifugal forces.

By incorporating our historical past and present reality into the general context of global development processes, we give a unique character and multiple variations to the ethno-cultural image not only of a particular society, but of the world as a whole.

"The Skin of Time" is not just an exhibition of works of art. It is an opportunity to reflect on our place in a rapidly changing world and how we can preserve cultural heritage and pass it on to future generations. It is an opportunity to better understand the world in which we live.
Юрий Джиналиев не перестает совершенствовать свое мастерство. Он много и плодотворно работает в любое время года и раскрывает в хорошо знакомых мотивах и образах новые грани красоты и гармонии. Именно в этом он видит главное призвание художника, находящего неисчерпаемый источник вдохновения в окружающем мире и в творчестве своих предшественников – великих мастеров русской и мировой живописи. В особенности художник вдохновлен работами Эдгара Дега.

Для нынешней живописи Юрия Джиналиева характерно свободное темпераментное письмо. Энергичный пастозный мазок, основанный на подлинном владении рисунком, близок к импрессионистской технике. Налицо самобытный дар колориста, сознательно ограничивающего краски своей палитры. Колорит, как правило, очень продуман и построен на развитии яркой, но одновременно сдержанной цветовой гаммы.

Работы художника заполнены плотными мазками масляной или акриловой краской с сохранением рельефа от ворса кисти на мазке, формируя интересную текстуру и игру с прописными мелкими деталями, что позволяет получить зрителю более глубокое эмоциональное ощущение.

В его картинах прослеживается многочисленные разнообразия оттенков на один, нанесённый объемно, что позволяет получить полутени и полутона, тем самым создавая иллюзию объёма и движения. В последних своих работах, художник не использует кисть, а работает преимущественно со шпателем. Тем самыми создавая, тот самый эффект «кристаллической» формы, где под разным углом освещения, его картина может обретать разные оттенки цвета.

искусствовед Анастасия Склянкина

Anastasia Ryzhikova
Born in 1989 in Baikonur, currently residing in Moscow.


2021-2023 Moscow School of Contemporary Art (MSCA), department of contemporary art
2007-2013 Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov, department of graphics and print
2000-2007 Moscow State Academy Art Lyceum of The Russian Academy of Arts.
Selected exhibitions.

2022 “Apartment 17”, U Contemporary, Winzavod Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow
2022 “Transformation”, U Contemporary, Winzavod Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow
2022 Performance “2022 Cycle”, “Big Space“ Winzavod Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow
2022 Nationwide exhibition of contemporary design “Tryn*Trava” (“All the same”), Muravyov-Apostol Estate, Moscow
2022 Solo exhibition “The Age of Pioneers”, Youth Center, Korolyov
2022 “Wow”, Here on Taganka gallery, Moscow
2021 “Women’s attributes”, III Eurasian

«ETUDE №1». 2022.
Wire rod, feathers; stool
40cm х 32cm х 14cm; 120cm х 40 cm х 40cm
Anastasia Ryzhikova
Flight is what both inspires and frightens me from an early age, that’s why my summer collection started with feathers. For me it’s a symbol of freedom, purity, levity and new life.

Spending summers at my grandmother’s as a kid, I used to watch swallows learn to fly. I also remember my brother learning to walk — the sheer amount of scuffed knees…I was unconsciously watching him recognize his own sense of self and sense of balance in space.

It’s incredible how as kids we discover the world and ourselves through scratches and wounds and as we get older we do the same, but through emotional wounds.
Mistakes are not a negative experience. It’s a valuable lesson that becomes an invisible talisman

«FEEL». 2022.

Wire rod, feathers, stool.

40 х 32 х 14 cm, 120 х 40 х 40 cm

Anastasia Ryzhikova
Human body is protected by skin. It is the contact between the body and environment.
In addition to being an essential part of breathing, thermoregulation, etc., it is a huge receptive field through which we explore the world and ourselves in it.
In this project I wanted to look into perception of the subject via attributing human skin – in this case to the flower. Humans, designed to feel pain, cold, emotional sensations through skin, won’t wish to pick (appropriate) the flower covered by it. They will automatically translate their feelings onto the flower.

In some way this is also a metaphor of worries about a child – you expect, raise, take care of it only for someone to “pick” it like a flower one day. I thus try to rethink and show the familiar from a fresh angle and make viewers feel something different

«....My creative work stems from a combination of my art background and experimenting with modern media.I focus on observing the ever-elusive moments of life, turning them into objects much like a photo captures that brief instant where time and space freeze forever. I transform the conventional into something new and imbed familiar fragments into a different reality — for instance, I humanize flowers by attributing skin to them, or make an invisible talisman from mistakes. A separate piece or an ornament made from a throng of pieces are equally important to me. The starting point for every project is my inner state that interferes with various entities and imperceptibly connects with an endless universe of my own imagination — from understanding my limits to new opportunities…to discover the next step.
I create sculptures from different materials, also work with photo, video and “performance” media, usually using the idea as a build-up...»

Anna Koroleva
Born in 1998 in Baikonur, currently residing in Moscow.


2021-2023 Moscow School of Contemporary Art (MSCA), CPD «Contemporary Art»
2015-2019 Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts (Stroganov Academy), «Interior Design»
Selected exhibitions.

2022 Humgat , Cube Moscow, Moscow
2022 Apartment 17, U contemporary, Winzavod , Moscow
2022 Transformation, U contemporary, Winzavod , Moscow
2022 Now and Here, MSCA, Moscow
2021 Москва Private and Public, MSCA, Moscow

«BURNOUT». 2022.

Plastic bottles, 7 pieces.

150 х 50 х 40 cm

Often in the modern world we are in a perpetual hurry and lose the skill to analyze our current state, both mental and physical. The aim of this project is to study such phenomenon as emotional burnout. As a rule, it is accompanied by endless work, in which a person does not see the value.
On the example of a plastic bottle an experiment was conducted.
What happens if you do a useless activity over a bottle for 30 minutes, an hour, an hour and a half, etc.

«Luby». 2022.

Video art.
«Luby» is a mix-media installation, which was created in collaboration with a contemporary artist Anna Koroleva for an exhibition in Cube gallery, Moscow. This project consists of a video-art performance and sculptures, created by Anna. My role was to direct and produce an installation that would enhance visual experience and support the main idea through the video means.

This project is a study of human experience of love in its various forms. Passion, tenderness and goodness are three highlighted sensations, which are experienced and expressed through the performative practice of melting wax by human body. The result is a series of sculptures and a video-art that focuses on emotional and physical states during the performance.

The choice of wax is a reference to Ancient Rus' people's belief that wax is capable of cleansing spaces from negative energy, removing damage and jinx's, attracting prosperity and love. It was also widely used in various rituals. «Luby» adopts this belief to modern problems and realities. It attempts to consider love as a physical space that you can enter to close yourself from external negativity.

In search for light and love, it is particularly important to turn your attention inward.

«NEW LIFE». 2022.

Sculptures-Casts, 12 pieces.

Pulp cardboard.

120 х 80 cm х 4 cm

The life of a thing ends when it loses its function. From here on, it is garbage. Comparing the life of man and the life of a used thing, we can see how stable and unchanging the process of destruction is in relation to everything. What is it in man's power to apply to prevent destruction? Probably nothing. But, what if life and soul could be nurtured where it no longer exists? I truly believe that man can love and create, giving a second, third and subsequent life to the lost. Recycling is an activity that involves handling waste in order to ensure its reuse in the national economy and obtain raw materials, energy, products, and supplies. This project is made of recyclable materials and has the ability to be submitted for recycling.
«....I've been interested in turning to materials related to ecology. In my opinion, it is important to sort waste and recycle it. In highlighting this issue, I create works from plastic and cardboard. Also a separate role in my practice is played by such material as wax. It has the ability to transform as it interacts with heat. Most of my work consists of objects created through various life practices: friction, melting, recycling of material at home, daily note taking....»


Born in Russia, currently residing in Serbia.


2013 "British College of Design and Art" in Moscow, departments of fashion photography.
Selected exhibitions.

2013 Conversion, Muzeon, Moscow, Street Gallery, Belgrad, Dukli, Montenegrin
2015 Press Photo Serbia, winner in the category of portrait
2017 Serbia's Craftbeat, Russia House, Belgrade, Serbia
2021 Lepota starenja, Cultural Center "UK Parobrod", Belgrade, Serbia
2021 Svedoci tradicije, Culture center of Zrenjanin, Serbia
2021 Artist's monologue, Centar gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

«Serbia's CraftBeat». 2018.

Photo series.
Serbia's CraftBeat
Serbia's CraftBeat is a project that provides the opportunity to get in touch with Serbian culture, visit wonderful landscapes and get to know interesting people and their customs. It is inhabited by many peoples who have lived side by side over the centuries, preserving their own traditions but also accepting the experience and customs of their neighbors. Today, this incredible combination of different ethnicities represents a hidden treasure on the cultural map of the world.
The project Serbia's CraftBeat was created with the aim of discovering and showing all the beauty of the Serbian soul. And, the viewer will see it, and will learn more about the traditional crafts of the inhabitants of Serbia, where even the simplest objects of domestic craftsmanship can tell us the story of their creators.
«...What are photographs? They are an opportunity to transport oneself to another place, to see what is already difficult to see here and now. Photographs enable the viewer to observe the details of handiwork and immerse themselves in the traditional culture of Serbia, prompting the viewer to consider how diverse ethnic groups seek balance between their traditions and modern trends, thereby creating new forms of art and expression. This artwork invites the viewer to reflect on how to preserve one's cultural identity and find one's place in a world where social norms and cultural values are constantly changing...»


Julia Shlenskaya
Born in 1993 in Moscow, currently residing in Belgrad.


2021 – 2022 British Higher School of Design, Contemporary art
2022 British Higher School of Design, «Trends, partnerships, strategies in art and culture»
2020 – 2022 MSNC, Film Editor, Sergey Ivanov’s graduating class
2020 – 2021 MSNC, Film Director, Dmitry Mamuliya’s graduating class
2019 Benefis, Acting classes

Other Education

2019 – 2021 HSE, Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, Master Degree
2010 – 2014 HSE, Mathematics, Bachelor Degree
2010 Mathematics Lyceum «The second school», School Education
Selected exhibitions.

2024 - «Echoes of Family Relations 2024», installation titled «Identification», KC Dorćol, Belgrade, Serbia
2024 - «The Choice of Art Bureau 15», photographs with alternative printing titled «Moscow» and «One life story...», KC Dorćol, Belgrade, Serbia
2023 - «Go to The Next Level», installation titled «Migrant», Cumicevo sokace, Belgrade, Serbia
2023 - «The Skin of Time», video installation titled «Inscrutable ways», KC Magacin Ostavinska, Belgrade, Serbia
2022 – «Humgat», video and sculpture installation titled «Luby», Cube, Moscow, Russia
2022 – «Transformation», video installation titled «Inscrutable ways», Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
2022 – «Fairy tales about tomorrow», performance «Nothing will be changed tomorrow», Moscow, Russia
2022 – «Ontology», film «A little bit about vital», Artplay, Moscow, Russia
2022 – «Here and now», installation «Destruction and resurrection», Artplay, Moscow, Russia
2021 – «Personal and social», installation «Mirror of a compulsive overeating disorder», Artplay, Moscow, Russia

«Inscrutable ways». 2022.

Video art

Inscrutable ways

The artwork reflects the emotions of four individuals:

● Melancholy brought on by the experience of emigrating;

● Falling in love and experiencing rejection, related to adaptation to a new place;

● Resentment caused by an unsuccessful experience;

● Anger directed towards sudden changes in life circumstances, based on a sense of powerlessness and the inability to resist them.

Each person was asked to select videos that represent their unique life experiences. The resulting video art encourages viewers to explore their own emotions and life experiences, prompting them to consider the connection between psychological and physical states. The artwork invites viewers to imagine what their emotions would look like if they had a physical manifestation.

«Every person goes through a journey of internal and external changes between birth and death. This journey includes experiences such as socialization within the family, school, university, work and emigration. Throughout this journey, people encounter various relationships such as friendships, love, and betrayal, THIS ALL leave a trace on them»


Marija Đuričić
Born in 1988 in Belgrade


Bachelor and master's studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.
Selected exhibitions.

"Božidar Adžija" solo exhibition, Belgrad Cultural Center
2020 "Centar" Gallery program
2021 "Čumić Art Festival"
2022 member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia
2022 group exhibition of new members of ULUS, "Cvijeta Zuzorić", Art Pavilion.

Paper, graphite pencil. 35cm * 27cm.

The Birth

A human torso emerges from an abstract mass resembling the body of a

snake. The flow of one form into another is reminiscent of the cycle of death, rebirth and transformation of living beings, emotions and ideas. In this work, I explored an approach to graphics in which repeating lines form into dynamic, organic shape.

Oil on canvas


An abstract image slightly tree dimensional, these are emarginated organic forms completing each other in an emarginated space like vacuum. The size of the painting is small and that also implicate that is not enough space.

Canvas, acrylic


An abstract image slightly tree dimensional, these are emarginated organic forms completing each other in an emarginated space like vacuum. The size of the painting is small and that also implicate that is not enough space.



Pavel Astrakhov


Born in Moscow, currently residing in Belgrad.


Art school.
Technical School - Department of Graphic Design.
Advanced training - online training High Light School (more than 15 classes).
Attending lectures and personal classes with such photographers as Oleg Doe, Bogdan Zvir.
Selected exhibitions.

2011 Artist of the International Federation of Photographic Arts AFIAP
2010 Member of the International Union of Photographers UPI

Series of paintings

The series of paintings on the theme of «State» represents a visual exploration of emotional instability and internal experiences related to external events. Intense emotions that can arise during various processes can be stronger than physical reality and, due to their strength, can begin to destroy a person from within, both physically and mentally.

Acrylic and oil painting

This series of works is a discourse on the nature of fear, a journey through its stages, from inception to release. Biomechanical figures refer us to the interaction of the physical and emotional, because fear is strongly reflected in the body. Feelings of stiffness, numbness, or, on the contrary, excessive mobility and nervousness are companions of fear, familiar to everyone.

In our complex reality, in which we encounter everything from natural disasters to human cruelty, can we avoid fear? Or is it worth meeting him face to face and learning how to fight?
«...Participation in competitions and exhibitions brought a big breakthrough in the career of a photographer — it became an opportunity to find my audience. Soon, photography became the main job, and design training helped to expand the functionality and tools. Creativity helps to get to know people and reveal the personality of the characters in a new way. I think that in the modern world it is necessary to periodically go beyond the usual perception. It is necessary to strive for new discoveries, constantly conducting creative experiments. So we learn more about ourselves and about our common WORLD...»


Sofija Milovanović


Born in Belgrad, currently residing in Belgrad.


2021 Academy of Applied, module contemporary design
Selected exhibitions.

2021 solo exhibition of aquarelle drawings, in gallery Centar

Paper, watercolor

Adam and Eve
Over the centuries Adam and Eve were symbols of man and woman, examples of humanity and preservation of values, of the creation of a new life and survival in a world in which we have lost not only humanity but also empathy and above all awareness for the world around us.

Paper, watercolor

New life
Watching the birth of a new life is always accompanied by a whole range of different emotions. Fears, anxieties, hopes — everything gets mixed up in a complex ball.

Life is a wonderful gift, but how will the future person use it? Will he be able to appreciate it or will he spend it in vain?

We ourselves were once like that — small lumps of boundless potential. Mentally, we are trying to return there, to the first days of our existence, in order to find answers to questions about the deep foundations of our personality, about our true self. есt."

Paper, watercolor


For me as an artist, life, human relationships and our emotions are an inexhaustible source inspiration. The role of women and men, as well as how our roles are subject to change through everyday life, is like the questions and answers that man constantly puts himself before.
«Life itself is the most precious gift we receive by being born into this world, therefore, we should try to live in gratitude day by day, to learn both about ourselves and to others because all the relationships we create begin with our relationship with ourselves. If we don't understand ourselves, we can never understand another. As a product of technology and growing up with it, we care less and less about other people. But what do we have in this world besides each other? Who else can share our joys and sorrows, understand our experience, sympathize with our pain like no other person, the same as we are?»


Creator of Catalog
  • Julia Shlenskaya

    Art Creator

    Julia is an Art Creator and Conceptual Artist, driven by a passion for exploring the intricacies of psychology and interpersonal relationships. Her objective is to prompt viewers to contemplate their inner world, delving into emotions, feelings, memories, fears, and insecurities.

    Julia's conceptual art installations and video projects have garnered attention at exhibitions in Russia and Serbia. Simultaneously, her films have been screened, nominated, and honored at various festivals worldwide.

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