Open Call for the exhibition
"Slavic Eden"
Application deadline: May 31, 2024
Julia Shlenskaya, Art Creator and Conceptual Artist, is organizing a new exhibition titled "Slavic Eden", planned to be held at the KC Dorćol gallery in Belgrade at October 2024.

Unity is the dream of today’s world, experiencing an episode of global conflicts, the ways to achieve which are being actively sought. The primacy of art in this quest is meaningless to deny. Respect, exploration and mutual interest of nations and States in each other’s coughing heritage, way of life and traditions can erase physical and moral boundaries and unite people on a metaphysical level. Therefore, it is especially important not to forget and support the synthesis and synergy of the art of different ethnicities.
We invite artists to take part in the creation of a special space that exists simultaneously in the context of the modern world, but beyond its known borders. Using the cultural heritage of Russia and the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, it is proposed to organize a new world, free from modern restrictions.

The main aim of exhibition is to develop and explore the space between Russia and the Balkans, if there were no separation and borders. What would this world look like? The exhibition proposes to recreate the space "without any boundaries" - physical, restraining.

Since the exhibition is planned including conceptual, the potential questions for research within the framework of art are proposed as follows:
  1. Religious aspects
  2. Spirital and ritual aspects of the worild
  3. Cultural nuances and traditions
  4. Architectural aspects
  5. The World`s values
  6. Economical and political structure
  7. History of the world
  8. Social life in the world
  9. Laws and rules of the world
  10. Science in the world
  11. World`s citizens, flora and fauna.

Since the exhibition is planned to be outdoor, where the works will be located throughout the exhibition period and interact with and complement the environment, then mediums and works, which are welcomed and additionally cut at this exhibition can be covered with the following properties:

  • Interact with wind or be a sound installation
  • Interact with the sun or be a mirror installation
  • Have performance elements
  • Be connected with the different cultural or ethnic aspects of the Balkans or/and Russia.
  • Use natural materials
  • Interact with grass, with steppe trees
  • Interact with birds, insects, spiders
  • Be wood, earth or some other natural installation or from natural materials
  • Scale matters! Otherwise the grass "will swallow" your work

The exebition will place in the Artresistivity, which is an open-air space near Rostov-on-Don (Novonikolaevka, Azov district). It is 1200 square meters for the implementation of creative projects and art activities in open air format. All that gives the steppe that can be used in addition to the works or whole projects and even take its resources for creation: an open place, without walls and streams; features of lighting at different times of the day; a separate resource is the wind, which produces and movement and sound; plant supplements and natural phenomena.

The advantage of space is the ability to create and mount objects of any size from any materials.

The exhibition is planned to be held from 20 September to 6 October

To become a participant of the exhibition, you need to:
Fill out the form and attach two files:

— About the author

— Concept and work(s) / references
(concept is the most important part)

File formats accepted: DOCX (Word document), PDF, PPTX (PowerPoint presentation)

More detailed requirements are provided below.
  1. Brainstorming and Requirements
Please consider which of your existing works or new creations you envision in the context of the exhibition.

The artwork submitted for the exhibition can be either newly crafted (created specifically for the open call) or pre-existing. If the artwork already exists, it should reflect the previously described concept of this exhibition.
2. Concept and Works
For an existing artwork, please provide a detailed description, along with photographs and dimensions of the piece. Prepare an artist's statement.

For a new artwork, please formulate the concept of your work(s) and think about which references could best reflect your idea. Choose 3-5 references that align with the concept of your work or create sketches.

Provide information about the size and materials of your work(s) in the concept. Format the document and name it as "First Name Last Name_Concept and References."

Note: The final description of the exhibited concept on the label may be subject to validation by the curator of the exhibition.
3. Self-presentation
Think about how you would like to present yourself. Gather information about your exhibition experience or other relevant experience in the field of art. Describe yourself, your creative ideas, and aspirations. Attach a photo of yourself and a brief biography. Include your contact information for communication. Format the document and name it as "First Name Last Name_About the Author."

Previous exhibition experience is not required. Therefore, if you have little or no exhibition experience, please elaborate on your goals and vision, explaining the purpose behind your submission to the exhibition.
4. Submission
Once you have prepared both files, find the "Submit Application" button on this page and fill out the form, attaching the documents. Expect to receive feedback within 7-14 days after close the open-call.

If your concept is accepted, it's time to start working on bringing it to life.

PS: When you send a request you automatically accept publication on sites and advertising of this exhibition.
5. Details
Multiple requests of works can be considered at the open-call. However, ultimately, each participant will have no more than one work selected. The selected piece must be exhibited for the entire duration, from the official opening to the official closing of the exhibition.

Fluency in English is not mandatory (if needed, we can assist).

The artwork presented in this exhibition may be reused for other exhibitions by artist.

Submission of applications in Russian or English. The application process is free of charge. Participation in the exhibition can be for a fixed fee, depending on the venue where the exhibition will take place УКАЗАТЬ ЦЕНУ.
6. Notes
The artist is responsible for the installation, dismantling, and logistics of their work (installation - the day before the exhibition opens, dismantling - the day after the exhibition closes). The placement of artworks is coordinated with the curator.

In case of any disputes between artists and the organizing team regarding the rules and details of the exhibition, there is an opportunity for resolution with a win-win approach. If a win-win resolution cannot be reached, the final decision rests with the exhibition organizers. By submitting an application for the open call, you agree to the conditions outlined in this open call.
For any inquiries regarding the exhibition, you can reach out to the exhibition creator via email or on social media platforms.
  • Julia Shlenskaya
    Art Creator


    Julia is an Art Creator and Conceptual Artist, driven by a passion for exploring the intricacies of psychology and interpersonal relationships. Her objective is to prompt viewers to contemplate their inner world, delving into emotions, feelings, memories, fears, and insecurities.

    Julia's conceptual art installations and video projects have garnered attention at exhibitions in Russia and Serbia. Simultaneously, her films have been screened, nominated, and honored at various festivals worldwide.

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