2022 – «Obsessio», Second Director (directed by Rina Golubeva)
2022 - «Luby», Director (produced by Anna Koroleva)
2022 – «Teacher of the year 2022», Director (produced by Tatiana Gogoleva)
2022 – «Kitties», Casting Director (directed by Varvara Makarova)
2021 – «Happy to you, human», Second Director (directed by Irina Mandrikina)
2021 – «The fugitive», Casting Assistant (directed by Salome Kintsurashvili)
2021 – «Bohemian Life», Editing Director (produced by Vanya Limb, directed by Laura Moreva)
2021 – «Mute», Editing Director (directed by Analoly Grishin)
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